Why You Should Choose a Green Printing Company that has a SoySeal

Las Vegas Color Graphics is a local Las Vegas printing company that utilizes environmentally-friendly green printing to serve its clients. Our use of soy ink is a great way to reduce strain on the Earth’s environment, and does not compromise the quality of print. We are proud to carry the SoySeal.


The SoySeal may be used by Licensee only on products meeting or exceeding the following established standards.

Source: American Soybean Association

Las Vegas Color Graphics strives to provide their green printing services to customers who feel a need to do more to alleviate the major problems the environment is experiencing with pollution. They have received many awards and certifications, and have the necessary credentials to use the SoySeal.

Read the Las Vegas Color Graphics’ Environmental Mission Statement here.

What Does The SoySeal Stand For?

The SoySeal is obtained through the American Soybean Association, and signifies that the ink used to print on documents contains the certifiable amount of soy oil, which allows the ink to be biodegradable and have less of a negative impact on the environment. When a SoySeal is seen on a document, it says that the ink used to print the document was created by green printers.

The Benefits of Soy Ink and Green Printing

Green printers such as Las Vegas Color Graphics use biodegradable inks that contain a large amount of soy oil. After an ink cartridge has been used and is thrown away, the ink from these environmentally-friendly cartridges does not pollute the environment like a conventional ink cartridge would.

Las Vegas Color Graphics is one of the few Las Vegas printers that offer the benefits of the SoySeal and biodegradable ink. Not only does soy ink not harm the environment, but it provides outstanding printing quality. Soy ink allows for the elimination of the harmful strains that conventional inks place on the environment, while not compromising the quality of print. Some may say that soy ink even increases the quality of print.

Las Vegas Color Graphics Certifications

Las Vegas Color Graphics is a local Las Vegas printer that has received many certifications certifying their environmentally sound practices and use of genuine soy ink. They have obtained the ability to print with the SoySeal, an emblem that shows that a document was printed with biodegradable soy ink. They have also obtained certification with FSC and the SFI as a commercial Las Vegas printer.

After a rigorous auditing of their recycling methods and environmental awareness, they received certification with Bureau Veritas, the most strict of FSC and CFI certifiers. We have reduced their carbon footprint massively with Pantagonia Sur and are now certified completely carbon neutral.

las vegas printers and SoySeal

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