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Direct Mailers: 8 Tips to Create More Effective Campaigns

Are your direct mailers worth the time, money, and brainpower you’re spending on them?

If not, it might only take a few simple tweaks to your direct mailers to turn your concepts into profit-driving campaigns.

Direct mailers are far from dead. Actually, they remain one of the most powerful forms of marketing across industries, with a higher ROI than paid advertising and an increasingly optimistic response rate.

This could be because consumers are experiencing digital fatigue and find that direct mail provides some relief. Also, there’s an entire up-and-coming generation that grew up with digital media that hasn’t yet experienced the whimsy and delight of finding surprise direct mailers in their mailbox.

Whatever the reasons, you can make every campaign more effective when you put these eight direct mailer tips into practice:

#1 – Make it Personal

People like to feel special. They don’t want to be part of your mass mailing but will appreciate it when you target them specifically for an offer.

Personalization is what separates junk mail from the mail people want to receive. They feel like you created something just for them, and that can go a long way building positive brand impressions and boosting conversions.

Keep in mind that personalization goes beyond using a person’s name. It’s also about tailoring your offer to their interests or needs, including the nearest physical location of your business, or making product recommendations.

It’s helpful to break your audience into narrower niches first. This can help you know which elements to personalize and give your mailer a greater chance of success.

#2 – Keep it Simple and To the Point

No one will spend more than a few seconds trying to figure out what you’re offering. You need to make your message obvious at first glance and let your copy get straight to the point.

The simpler you can make it on your reader, the more you encourage them to take advantage of your offer.

#3 – Don’t Skimp on the Graphics

Quality graphics go a long way in making your direct mailers look like they’re worth opening. Professional, high-quality, high-resolution graphics grab attention and make your mailer look important.

Good graphics can get expensive, but think about it this way: if you settle for mediocre design, you’re throwing money away. They won’t do the job they were designed to do and you’ve wasted whatever money you spent on them. Most people know that full color graphics and images aren’t cheap, and it will look like you cared enough about your content to spend some money on it.

#4 – Use in Conjunction with Your Other Marketing

Direct mailers alone aren’t as powerful as direct mailers that are used in conjunction with other forms of marketing. For example, your mailer might mirror ads you’re using online or on billboards. Using the same imagery and taglines builds consistency in your campaign and can do wonders for building brand recognition.

#5 – Focus on List Quality, Not Quantity

When you’re putting together a direct mailing campaign, you need to focus on your list attributes. This includes looking at the size of your list AND the quality of the recipients on your list. In many cases, you’d be better off keeping your list small and high-quality.

For example, let’s say you have a strict budget of $2,000. You can either use that entire $2,000 on a single campaign and reach 4,000 people, OR you could selectively choose 1000 people that are most likely to buy and target them with four separate mailers for the same price.

Direct mailing is a type of marketing that builds value over time. When you’re actively engaged with people on an ongoing basis, it’s easier to build brand recognition, trust, and familiarity. Also, using a more targeted list can help you make your mailings more personalized and less of a one size fits all promotion.

#6 – Provide a High-Value Incentive

Some mailers will include a free gift, which is enough of an incentive to get their attention. Other mailers will offer a high-value coupon that you’re not likely to get any other way. If you don’t have anything tangible or money-saving to offer, consider selling the benefits or value of whatever you’re selling.

The most successful direct mailers are the ones that offer something valuable in return. Your readers are giving you their time, and they deserve to be rewarded.Click To Tweet

For example, let’s say you’re a new bicycle store in town and want to get the word out. You could focus your message on supporting local business or joining you for a ribbon cutting. Or, you could sell the image of the freedom, fitness, or adventure that your bicycles offer. Pull the reader into the picture and help them imagine how they could benefit if they were to take advantage of your offer.

Direct mailers that give something away tend to do well, but it’s not your only option. Don’t be afraid to explore different techniques you can use to build connections within communities.

#7 – Include a Strong Call to Action

You’ve got a compelling offer – how can your recipients take advantage of it?

If they’ve taken the time to look at your mailer, you don’t want to botch the experience with a poor call to action. Make it obvious what you want your readers to do next. It could be to visit your website, go to your social media channels, call your store, or visit you in person.

It’s best to stick with one call to action to avoid confusion. When you give your reader too many options, they’re more likely not to choose any of them.

#8 – Track Your Results

If you’re investing time and money into making direct mailers, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not tracking each campaign’s effectiveness.

Throughout the process, you should be tracking metrics that can help you understand what’s working, what’s not working, and what you can improve on in the future.

A few metrics you might consider:

  • Successful delivery rate
  • Numbered of returned mail pieces
  • Redemptions or sales
  • Engagement

If you get mail returned to you, make sure you use this information to update your mailing list so you can save money on your next round.

Also, you might want to create unique coupon codes, landing pages, or URLs specific to your direct mailers so you can better measure engagement and conversions. This way, you know the only reason for your numbers is directly related to your mailer, and you can decide if it was a profitable campaign!

Make Your Direct Mailers Outshine Your Competitors!

Creating effective direct mailers isn’t rocket science, but it does take a little finessing to get the biggest benefits from your investment. The more you know about what great mailers look like, the better positioned you are to deliver a product your audience will be happy to receive.

Las Vegas Color Graphics can help you with the entire process. Our graphics design team can create stunning images for your mailers, while our printing experts can help you explore details like paper type, embellishments, size options, and more. We can even handle additional requests like stamping, addressing, mailing, and tracking your deliveries!

Contact us today to learn more about our direct mail services and start building better connections with your audience!

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